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WD Cam Followers are essentially needle or cylindrical rollers or ball bearings,which have a thick-walled outer race. The outside (runner) surface of the outer ring is crowned which serves to preventing edge stress if the cam follower runs in a titled or inclined position. Cam followers are ready-to-mount units which are filled with grease. They are suitable for all types of cam drives, tracks, conveyor system and etc.

Instead of an inner race, cam followers have a solid stud which is threaded, so they can be quickly and easily attached to appropriate machine components by means of a hexagonal nut. Axial guidance for the outer race is provided by an integral flange at the head of the stud and a side washer pressed on to the stud, or by the roller complement.

WD cam followers are available in different designs which have the same dimensions and differ only in their internal designs. Generally, the cam followers have a concentric seating on the stud, but some are also available with an eccentric collar which is shrunk on to the stud. Cam followers with eccentric collar enable an optimum interaction with the cam to be obtained and also allow less stringent manufacturing tolerance to be used for the associated components.

Advantages of WD cam followers:

Optimized structure and reliable quality;

Optimize the contacting surface logarithmically to reduce the contact stress;

Full ranges of precision standards for different working conditions;

Saving the installation and maintenance costs with ready-to-fit units;

Extend the working lifetime by filling grease for life;

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