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WD precision deep groove ball bearings are designed for high precision, low noise, small vibration, high reliability and long life. They are mainly used in various types of electric motors. They are also known as EMQ (Electric Motor Quality) bearings.

EMQ bearings are widely used in household appliances, toys, electric power tools, car motors and other fields. With optimal design, high reliability heat treatment, precision manufacturing processes and high-grade grease, these products perform better on reliability, vibration and noise levels than standard products making them more suitable for electric motor applications. These products can also be applied to most gearbox applications as well.

WD precision deep groove ball bearings include a variety of shields and seals to meet the many different requirements customers demand. For detailed specification, please feel free to contact WD.

WD precision deep groove ball bearings are good quality products with excellent performance. Because of their high precision, high rotating speed, high reliability, low friction and low noise, they are widely used in areas of machine tools, measuring instruments, office machinery, household appliances, various types of electric motors, industrial automation control, etc.

At the same time, WD can design and manufacture precision deep groove ball bearings according to your requirements with special functions such as mute, special sealing, electric insulation, ultra-high speed, high/low temperature resistance and etc. And WD will sincerely provide superior application service and professional technical advice to customers.

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