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Transmission Gearbox

Typical product: WD deep groove ball bearings, e.g. 6207GSP, SS6207-2RS-F

Gearbox is an equipment that transmits mechanical power in all kinds of industries. Nowadays, gearbox is requested to have extremely high reliability, because there are many instances where the breakdown of a gearbox would result in serious loss. The bearings are installed in gearboxes working in various conditions, e.g. high temperature, heavy load, high rotation speed, etc. Therefore, no two applications are the same.

WD Solutions:
WD is familiar with all applications of gearboxes because of the close cooperation with gearbox manufacturers and end users. We design bearing solutions according to different customer applications. For example, special sealing structure is designed for bearings used in engine crankshaft to prevent the leaking of grease, which will cause the burning and failure of the bearing. WD also supplies high precision & low noise bearings for high quality gearboxes. With various WD solutions for gearboxes, product reliability can be ensured at the same time with the cost saving.

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