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Dental Drill

Typical product: WD dental drill bearings

Dental drill is a small, high speed drill used to remove decay and shape tooth structure or root canals. The bearing is a key part for dental drills. Modern dental drills can rotate at up to 400,000 rpm, which is really a challenge for the bearings.

WD design and manufacture bearings for different brand of dental drills, e.g. NSK, Siemens, Bein Air, and etc. WD use high quality stainless steel (9Cr18) or ceramic (Si3N4) as the bearing material, which enables the bearings to be washable and wearable. Special self-lubricated bearing cage is also used for WD dental drill bearings. With the WD manufacturing technology, the lifetime of WD dental drill bearings can reach up to 6 months. It will significantly reduce the cost of bearings and create more value for customers.

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