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WD Bearing Group is certified by IATF 16949 and ISO 9001. With the continuously improved operation management processes, comprehensive professional inspection instruments and high-quality quality team, WD implements the entire process of quality control through raw material inspection, process monitoring and finished product inspection. WD assures the high quality and traceability of every bearing to our customers.

Select high quality steel

Check raw material quality

Physical and chemical analysis

        Quality control plan

        Control production process

        CPK monitor of key process

        In-process quality control

        Save all process inspection records

        Quality control of outsourcing components

        Heat treatment check

OQC standard:
Sampling check:S-3
AQL main item:1.0
AQL Sub item:4.0

In WD inspection lab, we are equipped with advanced inspection instruments and testing equipment, e.g.:



 SPECTROCHECK metal analyzer

 Analysis of 26 elements

 NITON hand-held metal analyze

 Analysis of 23 elements

 MAHR contour & surface measuring station

 Resolution: 2nm

 MAHR universal form measuring machine

 Roundness deviation: 

 0.01um + 0.00025um/mm measuring height

 Axial runout deviation: 

 0.02um + 0.0001um/mm measuring height

 Length measuring instrument

 Accuracy: 0.5um

 Salt spray testing machine

 Neutral salt spray test
 Acidic salt spray test
 Temperature and humidity cycle salt spray test

 Life testing machine

 Bearing lifetime test
 Bearing reliability test

And yet, we keep bringing in latest instruments. With all these equipment and our experience, we are able to provide expert quality inspection including material, metallography, hardness, dimension precision, rotation precision, clearance, etc. Whats more, we are also able to do special tests according to customers requirement, such as lifetime test, salt spray test, water resistance test, etc. To further ensure the product quality, WD works closely with third party bearing labs and institutions for product test.

Quality Creates Value is the slogan of every WD employee. We are committed to improving product quality, customer experience and customer satisfaction.

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