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Bike Place 2019: Cyclons Speed Brake Roller beds in brakes before the bike leaves the shop

Time19 Aug,2019


Cyclons Speed Brake Roller is coming to the UK market, as spotted at last weeks The Bike Place Show.

It is pitched as a must-have for MTB event centres or any shop or workshop that wants bikes to leave the threshold with brakes already bedded-in.

The easy-to-use solid machine can be used for the front and rear tyre, with the direction of the cylinder reversible. Operated by a foot pedal and driven by a replaceable V-belt, the running speed is about 25 km/h (15.5mph), the two heavy cylinders of steel with industrial bearings have a tranverse ridge for a better grip.

Speed Brake Rollers have been in use in bike shops in the Netherlands for over four years, where the units are often used as an extra time saving service for a charge of approx ?5 for consumers.

The Speed Brake Roller also has applications for permanent use in bicycle factories or bicycle assembly facilities. Heres a brief video we shot at The Bike Place Show of the unit in action:

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