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How WD ensures our employees, products and customers safe amid the novel coronavirus epidemic

Time2020-03-13 10:08:11

The outbreak of novel coronavirus is now threatening the world and has led to rising anxiety among business and economy.

In an effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus, a group of measures has been taken in WD. We are committed to ensure the safety of our employees, products and customers.

For employees:

1. WD has set up the Epidemic Prevention Team (EPT) to organize and implement all the necessary and helpful actions to contain the spread of coronavirus.

2. Every employees body temperature will be checked and recorded two times in a single day to screen people with a fever, which has been recognized as one of the symptoms of the infection.

3. Migrant workers from outside of Wuxi should be self quarantined by 14 days on their return to eliminate the possibility of infection.

4. WD provides every employee with 2 masks a day to wear during the working hours to cut off the virus transmission through respiratory droplets.

5. Every corner in WD office and workshop, as well as company cars, will be thoroughly disinfected two times a day.

6. WD has canceled unnecessary meetings and employees are dining in their working positions to prevent the gathering of people.

For products:

1. WD has resumed the production since 11th February 2020 and is now fully staffed. We are in the effort to deliver our products and services, and ensure the safety of our customers supply chain.

2. The transportation, both inland and abroad, has recovered. The traffic lockdown has been removed. Meanwhile, WD works closely with government and applies for necessary pass to ensure the smooth transportation of our goods.

For customers:

1. For customers that are exposed to the threat of coronavirus, WD is able to provide masks and other hygiene products.

2. To keep out the coronavirus, we suggest to wear a mask, wash the hands after back from public and prevent the gathering of people. These are proven to be effective to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

FAQs about the novel coronavirus:

How long do coronavirus survive on surfaces?

The survivability of coronavirus on different surfaces vary in a wide range between two hours and up to 9 days. It depends onmany factors such as temperature, humidity and texture of the surface, as well as the specific virus strain and the amount of virus.

In general, coronavirusis not particularly stable on dry surfaces. As a rule, inactivation
occurs in a dried state within hours to a few days.

Can imported goods from region where the disease is common be a source of infection?

Due to the transmission routes identified so far and the relatively low environmental stability of coronavirus, it is unlikely that imported goods could be the source of infection.


The fact is that no cases of infection by touching surfaces of imported goods or mail have been known to date. Therefore, external disinfection of goods is not necessary.

Is there a risk of infection when touching other surfaces?

Surfaces that are constantly touched, such as holding rods on public transport, can be contaminated. From there, the viruses can be transmitted to the hands and then to the mucous membranes of the mouth, nose or eyes.

For this reason,the general rules of hygiene of everyday life such as regular hand washing and hygiene rules for the preparation of foodis necessary to follow.


WD is doing everything necessary and possible to keep our employees, products and customers safe. We are with you in this fight against the coronavirus.

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